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It’s not one-size-fits-all. Good sales psychology never is. We offer tailored telemarketing services across a broad range of industries and client types. We match our solutions to fit your needs. The result? A better match with your potential buyers and customers. But click on a service to dive deeper into how they work.

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Customer service applies before, during, and after a purchase. In today’s world—where apps, technology, websites and tech services are so important—customers need to feel they have a voice. But customer service shouldn’t be a chore. When you outsource customer service to RocketSales Solutions, you’ll realize that customer service can be full of opportunities.

High-quality customer service can achieve a lot, especially over the phone. It can boost customer loyalty. It can drive repeat business. It can offer cross-selling and up-selling.

These days, the personal touch of customer service over a phone call is at a premium.

Telemarketing customer service is most efficient when provided by an onshore company. There will be minimal communication barriers. And customers will associate this experience with your brand, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Let’s dig deeper into the kinds of customer service options we offer:

Follow-up calls

If you’ve recently sent out mass emails, flyers, or anything similar, telemarketing helps you follow up. It helps increase your conversion by connecting with those customers who might be interested, but simply haven’t thought to reach out yet. With telemarketing, we can also collect useful information and data to improve your customer knowledge and strengthen your customer relationships.

Post-purchase or post download calls

How does the customer feel about their experience? Not only does this kind of outreach result in a positive feeling about your brand (because of the personal touch), but it creates opportunities in cross-selling and up-selling.

Pre-purchase/ lead follow-ups

What happens when a customer is almost ready to make a purchase, but doesn’t quite do it? What if they’ve filled out information but didn’t make the purchase? We can follow up with them. Not only will this help drive new sales, but it will collect valuable information about why some prospects aren’t becoming customers. This allows you to generate better strategies for future marketing efforts.


Bottom Line

Our telemarketing services all come down to one essential question: how can we best handle your outreach? By utilizing our knowledge of customer psychology and customizing our services to your company and industry needs, we can craft a strategy that will generate the best possible results.

Do you want?
  • …your brand to be represented professionally?
  • …to communicate effectively with customers?
  • …to remain competitive in your industry and even strengthen your competitive edge?
  • …to gain loyal customers and improve the customer experience for more long-term customers?

And do you want to increase your sales immediately?
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