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RocketSales Solutions Inc. offers outbound telemarketing and prospecting services. We build and work on custom campaigns. Please get in touch to see if we can help with your business needs!

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It starts with a phone call. On one end? Your customer or potential client. They might need your brand, but they don’t know it yet.


On our end? A professional, representing your brand. Someone from RocketSales Solutions who’s taken the time to understand your industry. Your competitive edge. Someone who understands the psychology of a sale.

When the two meet, sales happen. You don’t have to lift a finger. You’ve outsourced this work to RocketSales Solutions, and because you’ve trusted us with the representation of your brand, you can reach out to an entirely new customer segment that brings in sales.

But we do more than call people on your behalf. RocketSales Solutions offers telemarketing services that go beyond other firms. We invest heavily in our proprietary training program, our consumer psychology research, and we formulate a unique marketing strategy tailored to your needs. We drive higher performance by familiarizing ourselves with your company and your potential clients’ needs.

The result? Better performance from your telemarketing team. And reduced onshore costs for our clients.


We familiarize ourselves with your brands.

We learn your unique value propositions. We research your target market.

Think of RocketSales Solutions as an extension of your sales team. You’re outsourcing a vital part of your business, but it doesn’t make it any less connected to your core values and goals. Forging that genuine connection doesn’t happen with just any company. And that’s why we think we’re different.

RocketSales Solutions started with its founder, John McCart. While McCart was earning his Bachelor of Commerce degree, he spent six years of full-time freelance work in telemarketing and sales. He discovered that it is possible to unite brands with the customers who need them. He discovered that effective telemarketing can be highly targeted and congruent with the values of each brand.

These days, over 100 onshore employees have been trained in the RocketSales proprietary training program. They share McCart’s passion for marketing and sales. And they share a commitment to learning and development that’s been rooted in RocketSales Solutions’ culture from the beginning.

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The RocketSales Solutions Approach is Multi-Faceted

What makes a customer pick up a phone and say “yes”?

Answering that question is what drives us. But it’s not like hitting a light switch.

It all starts with a phone call. But it doesn’t end there. RocketSales Solutions is a friend in your corner who will have the passion and dedication to learn your industry, your brand, and your company’s needs. Then we’ll match them to the potential B2B or B2C customers who most need them. Bottom line? It’s about connections. And connections don’t happen by accident.


Our culture is focused on people. Since clients outsource their sales needs to us, we know that they’re trusting us to represent their brand. Our telemarketing culture has to reflect that, making every call both professional and high-impact.


How do we measure success? When consumers make a purchase from you, we look for a comment on how great the telemarketer was over the phone. We create value by becoming familiar with your product/service. We represent your brand with professionalism. We implement consumer psychology insights. The end result: a high-quality customer experience over the phone, and more sales for you.

Competitive edge

The training never stops at RocketSales Solutions. We remain dedicated to constant improvement. We run quality assurance on each call. We coach our team members and build their expertise. We never think we’re “done” learning. There’s always an improvement to be made. And we bring that same mindset to every client.

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